Alison is the owner and chef of Liberty Baking Co. A classically trained pastry chef, occasional wife and mother of two boys, Alison always found her happy place in the kitchen. Alison worked as an executive pastry chef at several local bakeries and as a college professor specializing in pastry and hospitality management. When Alison finally took the plunge as an entrepreneur to open up her dream business, she sought to create a bakery that puts a larger emphasis on clean ingredients and fresh products. Liberty Baking Co.’s menu is inspired by Alison’s love of Americana sweets, with pound cakes and cream cheese frostings. The result is an occasionally nostalgic and always naturally moist bite. When Alison isn’t concocting a new menu item or attempting to parent, she can be found in the garden playing with her chickens or have a glass of bubbles with Kim.


Kim is Alison’s, ride-or-die bae. Kim’s professional title is sous chef, but more notably she is a dance master extreme. Kim is a classically trained pastry chef who has worked in almost all fields of pastry, from restaurants and bakeries to catering and coffee shops. In the Winter, Kim is a staple in the White House pastry kitchen for important events. Her passion for small details and perfectly executed desserts is the ideal creative outlet for her list-making, OCD, type-A tendencies. Kim is an exercise nut who enjoys long runs (sometimes on the beach) and then ruining all of it with her second love: carbs! When Kim isn’t at Liberty, she can be found falling down a puppy rabbit hole on the internet, hanging out with her husband or bumming on the beach with her family in Bethany.


Sarah is the newest addition to the Liberty team! Keeping on theme, she is also a classically trained pastry chef with a passion for creating beautiful and delicious things. If you’ve gotten a grammatically correct email with perfect spelling in the last few months, it probably came from her!  Sarah is well versed in all things pastry and bakery as a former Pastry Chef for some local favorites (something she often reminds Alison of whenever Alison tries to micromanage a situation). Her most recent gig in the kitchen was leading the Baking and Pastry program at Lincoln Tech in Columbia, MD. These days, when she's not behind the Liberty computer, Sarah is a domestic coordinator (stay-at-home mom) to a feisty toddler and always the adoring wife to her husband Evan.